Just like that, I am halfway through my exchange. Everybody told me the time would fly, but I never imagined just how fast time can go.

The last few months have been absolutely amazing, the amount of things that have happened so far is truly wonderful get more. I cheap football jerseys traveled Europe and discovered some fascinating things, learned a few lessons about life and, overall, had a blast. Summer holidays are finally upon us, which means no school, nba jerseys sales beautiful weather and free time to travel.

I decided I can’t really write out all my experiences traveling Europe in order, as that nfl jerseys cheap is nearly cheap oakleys impossible, so I cheap China Jerseys will drop short snippets here and there. lately I have been thinking a lot about this blog, so I have decided to start posting on a regular basis. My goal is to the share a glimpse into my new life, so far away from home. I hope that you will have as much fun reading as I have writing.

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